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UIFC (User InterFaCe) is the text mode full-screen user interface library used by SCFG, echocfg, and others. It was originally inspired by the text mode user interface for NetWare 2.x server management utilities for DOS (e.g. SYSCON), and was written from scratch by Digital Man.


Over the years, a few different implementations have been ported/written. Today, only three survive.


The original DOS 16-bit implementation, initialized using uifcini(). This implementation is no longer supported and may have problems due to the size of integers.


The 32-bit port of the DOS version, initialized using uifcini32(). This is the best supported version and is reccomended for effectively every use.


The command-line version using standard I/O, initialized using uifcinix(). This version is a “last resort” type of implementation. Many features don't work as intended and it can be difficult to navigate the menus. it is intended to work though.


C Interface

Javascript Interface

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