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GNU nano Editor
Name: GNU nano
Internal Code: GNUNANO
Command Line: nano -R -S -c -i -r 75 %f
Access Requirements: UNIX
Intercept I/O: Standard
Native Executable: Yes
Use Shell to Execute: No
Word Wrap Quoted Text: Yes
Automatically Quoted Text: All
Editor Information Files: QuickBBS MSGINF/MSGTMP
Expand Line Feeds to CRLF: Yes
Strip Fidonet Kludge Lines: No
BBS Drop File Type: None

Keep in mind the “-R” option is required here. From the original nano site:

In restricted mode, nano will NOT:

  • read or write to any file not specified on the command line;
  • read any nanorc files;
  • allow suspending;
  • allow a file to be appended to, prepended to, or saved under a different file name;
  • use backup files or spell checking

If you don't use that option, do it at your own risk, as you are compromising your system's security.

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