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Darkages BBS


  • Sysop: Gargoyle
  • Located in Wayne, Oklahoma

Message Networks

  • DoveNet
  • FidoNet 1:19/25

InterBBS Door Games

  • LORD
  • LORD:New World
  • TradeWars 2002
  • Pimp Wars
  • Operation Overkill II
  • Lunatix
  • BBS Crash
  • Global War
  • Global Backgammon
  • DoorMUD
  • Mega Slots
  • Menu of Games

How to Connect to DarkAges BBS


Dark Ages BBS a multi-node bbs from 1994 to December 1999, we moved from the Blanchard area to a remote unknown location :-) It was was of the few Multi-nodes BBS's in Oklahoma City. There was only 2 others and they were Pay BBS's. We were always free to dial-up and multi-game. In 1996 we started offer FIDO Net feeds at greatly reduced cost (a lot cheaper than we were paying for them) by downloading the files via the internet and using a software called GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out written in spaghetti C) Mainly FrontDoor 2.02 did all the work. We setup Doom multiplayer games, with me at the console and three dialups we had 4 person games going all the time. I had a lot of help back then and want to credit Dr. Death (David Ivers) and AcidBlackwall (Scott) for all the time and energy they helped with on the board. And to also think AcidBlackwall for teaching my how to Pascal Program to make my own Renegade Utilities. We had several Utilties published on the old Software vault BBS Cd's I miss those days of the BBS and often wondered of some way to bring it back! We moved on to Web Hosting and Domain registrations at but sure miss the interaction with our BBS users.

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