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Allen Prunty aka: Hawke

Name: Allen Prunty
BBS: LiveWire BBS (

The LiveWire BBS has taken a few breaks during the years, but has always been located in Louisville, Kentucky with the exception of the time I was away at college and my schools very crappy phone network had so much line noise it was impossible for us to dial out and connect at any time to get mail.

The LiveWire BBS started in 1983 when I was in High School on an old Atari 800 using a very basic program. When I was in high school we started in the computer lab one of the first FidoNet BBS's when FidoNet was formed. Because we were minors our teacher listed the BBS in his name... but I was the president of the Computer club and did much of the work to monitor and maintain the system. Amazingly we had many people who used the system locally in the school and then started getting modems for their home computers to dial in. The system ran on an old DEC Rainbow personal computer. Eventually the system was donated to the Louisville Free Public Library and it became the “Freeboard” BBS for the library.

I eventually took a part time job after school at an online dial-in unix shell type system called “Digital Systems Of Kentucky” Aka D.I.S.K. which we will refer to as DISK from this point forward. Disk was an old PDP-11 system that took up an amazing amount of space. In retrospect, my laptop, as old as it is, is probably more powerful than the DISK minicomputer.

To be continued...

Technical Writing and Training

I have asked Rob if it's ok for me to edit some pages on the wiki... I have a background in technical writing and training. Much of the new data in the Wiki is written from a programmers perspective. I will try to re-edit the pages from a users perspective and make it easier to set up things like Binkit for example. Hopefully I can freshen up the writing a bit to make Synchronet a lot easier to configure, setup and maintain.