Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

You can donate to the Synchronet project using PayPal.

Real name: David Snyder 
Nick: David
  • Red Mud BBS
  • (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't...jlmk)
  • Running Synchronet v3.18b - on Windows 10 - 32 bit with i7 18gb
  • DoveNET
  • Fidonet
  • fsxnet
  • scinet
  • SFNet
  • more to come


  • Be good to everyone so someone will be good to you.
  • Do what is right. Not what is easy.
  • TL;DR I am a total geek/nerd - that sums it up.

Considering CP/M file area as well. I am so-so on this. I would like to buy a Z80-MBC and then try and run a CP/M BBS there with gobs of files, and messages should I be able to find them. Probably thru USENET. Commodore 64/128 files coming very soon! Retrogaming files coming very soon!

BBS Door Gaming! I am going to be adding a tonne of games, since, I am secluded to this “office” and not supposed to leave. COVID-19 (or -21) so I changed from Mystic - ok I guess, but I really wasn't going anywhere. So I moved back to my reliable, Synchronet 3.18b. Now to add the games and networks. Also, some games get played over the internet.

I have doing BBS's since 1983. I saw someone connect and I was in like heaven. I said I gotta do this! So I built myself a 300 bps modem. It was not easy on my budget of working at the grocery for $3.85 / hour + tips (ha! what tips!)

Well, 2021 is here now, I think I can. I am going to get into javascript programming now, I hope to do some utils and things I haven't seen before. I retired last year after 25 years of technical support & disability from the VA & SSI.

Have a good morning/day/night.


Oh yeah, I LOVE this mobile / desktop game:

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