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[15.8] - DELFILES - Removes Files from Synchronet File Database

 usage: DELFILES <dir_code or * for ALL> [switches]

switches: /LIB name All directories of specified library

        /NOT code Exclude specific directory
        /OFF      Remove files that are offline (don't exist on disk)
        /NOL      Remove files with no link (don't exist in database)
        /RPT      Report findings only (don't delete any files)


If you wanted to remove ALL files that are offline (don't exist on disk) you would use the command line:


To remove files that exist on the disk but not in the Synchronet file database you would use:


Or to simply remove files that match the criteria specified in the SCFG program you would use:


The /NOT parameter is used to exclude certain directories:


Or you can specify a library name rather than a directory name:

DELFILES /LIB <library name>

Appending /RPT to the command line will cause DELFILES to generate a report of files that would have been removed, but it will not actually remove any files.

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