Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

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Synchronet Services1) are loadable modules or external executables designed to be loaded by the Synchronet Services Server to service a particular TCP or UDP protocol for remote client connections. Synchronet Services are similar in concept to UNIX's [x]inetd services.

Service Types

There four types of services supported:

  1. Dynamic JavaScript (the most common service type)
  2. Static JavaScript (e.g. the IRC Daemon)
  3. Dynamic Native
  4. Static Native


Services are normally configured in the services.ini file in the ctrl directory.

Some static services (e.g. the IRC Daemon) may alternatively be executed independently of the Services Server using JSexec.

Standard Services

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