FidoNet Extensions

Control Paragraphs

FidoNet control paragraphs (a.k.a. “kludge lines”) are how extensible message metadata is shared among FidoNet nodes.

Synchronet and SBBSecho have extended FidoNet messages with the following control paragraphs:

Control Tag Description
COLS: n Specified width (positive decimal number, in columns) of message author's editor or terminal; potentially useful when re-flowing/wrapping message text for display
BBSID: id QWK BBS ID (1-8 alphanumeric characters) of originating BBS, when applicable; for routed QWKnet messages, the BBS ID may be prepended with slash-separated hop-IDs (e.g. “hub-id/bbs-id”)
NOTE: info Message text editor name and version information (not originated by Synchronet/SBBSecho)

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