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Every once in a while a character appears on the Synchronet radar screen and makes a significant impression on those who monitor it. Some times, that impression is a crater made from the impact of heavy foot stomping and the reverberations of incoherent shouting of an inept would-be sysop. Occasionally, the foot-stomping incoherent frustrated sysop leaves and then reappears again some years later to repeat the entire process as if they'd never been there before. Rarely, does such a sysop repeat this process multiple times. Phil is such a sysop.

“Phil”, for lack of a better name, is how we've referred to him for years; that's not his real name. His real name is “Kernal2”, “Terminator”, “Terminator2”, “CyberChat”, or some other such shit. We'll just refer to him as “Phil”, as it's short for “Philosophy”, which Phil happens to be particularly good at. Below you will find quotes of Phil and his expansive deep thoughts as they relate to Synchronet, its developers,, DOVE-Net, and the BBS community in general.


Phil has many fans in the BBS (and PHILosophy) community. Some have even created exceptional fan pages devoted to him and this page intends to be the official “Phil-Wiki” where all “facts o' Phil” can be found and updated by all Phil-fanatics.

Links to other Phil-fan pages:


Phil likes switching BBS software every six months for running his BBS:

Phil likes “programming” in RealBASIC (he's a master at RealBASIC TCP and UDP sockets), Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic.

Phil likes riding his moped really fast.

Phil likes ordering Popeye's Chicken for delivery late at night.

Phil likes binary code. *He may have just been kidding when he said that.

Phil likes RealBasic, and he has lots of questions about it and other software - including some real gems.


  • “Roof!”
  • “Give up because you have iQ level of shit that flowing through the sewing.”
  • “You got the facts wrong and you can even tell the truth.”
  • “Your child and you do not know how to act like a adult.”
  • “Why do you act like adult.”
  • “You could even act like a adult if you tried!”
  • “tell the truth of shutup.”
  • “tell the truth or shit the f*ck up”
  • “Your retarded momma did not tea h you any manners”
  • “Your retarted because still you can not see or tell the truth.”
  • “that explains why that you have many users on your network because your a looser and a idiot.”
  • “The Ircops on the irc network or children and they continue to abuse there powers.”
  • “Frank and some of the other users in this newsgroup is NOT: adult - a fully developed person from maturity onward”
  • “dim f as FolderItem = app.ExecutableFile.Parent.parent.child('resources').child('myfile.plist'). That is cool.”
  • “Assumtion is all of mother fuckups.”
  • “Access to the BBS is free.”
  • “I like binary code. I am just kidding.”
  • “The question is your IQ is at the level of 10 that you are so retarded to tell the difference of what is right from wrong.”
  • “You will remove this link or you will be sued for definition of character.”
  • “That does not matter if your going to act like a asshole it is come back to. It him in the ass one day grow up and act like a fucking adult.”
  • “<~Phil> akill add +9999 *@ We had enough of you echicken shit playing around on this network. Your no longer welcomed here, so do not forget to slam to the door on your ass on the way out.”
  • “You would lkke it if I used a server is russia and flooded your server would you?”
  • “I am going down that path with throwing insaults.”
  • Jerkbot your mother is so ugle that she can look at a money!
  • <plt> It should be hard coded in the program so it should do it <DigitalMan> don't should on me and I won't should on you
  • <Deuce> We certainly don't prefer ncurses 5 to necurses 6. <plt> I never understood what ncurses? What it does? <Deuce> You never will understand it, it's C code.
  • Plt (SBBS) You could always try and google it.


  • “Phil is an awesome sysop and I'm really glad he's running Wildcat, or BBBS, or VirtualAdvanced or whatever it is he's running this week, so long as it's not Synchronet!” - digital man
  • “Phil is the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have not had so much fun and frustration in my life.” - netsurge
  • “Not only is Phil a great sysop, but he really helps me practice my anger management skills. Thanks Phil!” - nelgin
  • “Phil isn't just a great sysop, he is a man of the people; he will do anything to inspire everyone to need to drink and and take antidepressants!” - mortifis


Phil has a YouTube channel!

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