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FreqIT - FidoNet File Request Processor

FreqIT is a module built into BinkIT that allows remote systems the ability to freq files from your system in real time.

NOTICE: I am starting the documentation here as I figure things out on this. Please note that much of this has not been tested and I will be adding screen shot images in the coming days.

To define file areas that you want outbound fidonet systems to file request simply run from the command line:

jsexec freqitcfg

It will load this menu...

║  FREQIT Options ║
║ │Dirs...        ║
║ │Secure Dirs... ║
║ │Max Files (10) ║
║ │Magic Names... ║

It gives you the following 4 options:

  1. Dirs: This opens up a pick list of your file areas. You can select them one at a time and Binkit will check down the list of the file areas selected to make the files in each area “freqable” though the mailers. If the file is found freqit will send the file to the user during the FTS Section. Directories defined here are publically freqable meaning that any system that makes a request will receive files up to the define maximum files limit.
  2. Secure Dirs: These are directories that are only scanned if the node that is making the file request list has a password. If the requestor has no secure password set they will only be able to request files from the regular Dirs List.
  3. Maximim Files: Just what it says... the maximum number of files that a node can request during a session. However freqit does not (yet) keep track of how many sessions that a node can poll each day.
  4. Magic Names: Let's say you have a file you want to be quickly available over the net. If you define a magic name you can define a path to a specific file. Freqit does take time to scan all the directories until it finds the requested file. By defining a magic name you can simplify a filename that changes often, such as the nodelist, or you can speed up the delivery of any number of specific files on your system.

I will add more to this as I figure it out more. I hope this helps — Livewire Bbs 2016/07/20 22:06

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