Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Fido Nodelist Browser

A full-screen lightbar browser for Fidonet (and compatible) network nodelists, with search functionality. Lets you view the details of any node and send netmail to its operator.

By default, this will pick up any nodelists you've configured through echocfg (or in sbbsecho.ini).

External Program Configuration

In SCFG, set up a new External Program as follows:

NameNodelist Browser
Internal CodeFTNNV
Command Line?fido-nodelist-browser

All other settings can be left at their default values


You can optionally add a [fido_nodelist_browser] section to modopts.ini. Here is an example of that section:

auto_close_domain = true
auto_close_zone = true
auto_close_net = true

This module uses tree.js, a hierarchical lightbar menu library. The auto_close_* settings determine whether an already-expanded domain, zone, or net branch of the tree is automatically closed when the user expands another branch at the same level. By default these are all set to true, the effect of which is to reduce memory usage and to avoid sluggishness in the lightbar menu. If you don't like this default behaviour, you can set any or all of these to false.

If you have some nodelists that aren't known to sbbsecho (or if you're using an older version of sbbsecho) you can point to them by adding keys that begin with nodelist_:

nodelist_SomeOthernet = /path/to/a/nodelist

In the above example, this network would show up as SomeOthernet in the top level of the lightbar menu.

If you have a nodelist configured with sbbsecho but its domain-name isn't ideal for presentation, you can override it by adding a key that begins with domain_:

domain_fidonet = FidoNet

In the above example, the domain configured as fidonet via echocfg would show up as FidoNet in the lightbar menu.


The search box uses typeahead.js, which provides live search results in a lightbar menu. Type your query (a partial node address, system name, sysop name, or location) and then wait a second for results to pop up. Don't hit enter to submit your search, as this will not have the desired effect.

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