Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Delete Files

New for Synchronet v3.19, this JavaScript utility script replaces the functionality of the old DELFILES program.

It can be used to:

  • Delete files that were uploaded/imported more than n days ago (max age configured in SCFG)
  • Delete files that have not been downloaded in more than n days (purge by last download date configured in SCFG)
  • Delete the oldest files that cause the number of files in the directory to exceed the configured maximum (configured in SCFG)
  • Remove files that are not physically present on the disk (so-called “offline” files)


Run with JSexec

jsexec delfiles -help
usage: [-options] [[dir_code] [...]]
  -lib=<name>     search for duplicates in specified library only
  -ex=<filename>  add to excluded file name list (case-insensitive)
  -offline        remove files that are offline (don't exist on disk)
  -test           don't actually remove files, just report findings

If no options or directories are specified, all directories will be scanned for files that should be removed/deleted based on the sysop's configuration of the directories (i.e. maximum file age and maximum number of files to retain).


* To search all directories for files to be removed based on age or excess number of files:

jsexec delfiles

* To search only directories in the “Main” library for offline files to be removed:

jsexec delfiles -offline -lib=Main

* To report files that *would* be removed/deleted from the “games” directory, without actually removing or deleting them:

jsexec delfiles -test games

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