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Moderate Message Bases

So, you have a message area that's out of control, and you (or another user) are willing to review every post and delete or validate every message as appropriate.

How moderation works

Any message posted into a sub-board by a user who matches the “Moderated Posting User” ARS in the SCFG configuration for the sub-board has their message marked with a “moderated” flag. When a user who is not the sub-op (sub-board operator) or the sysop is reading messages, they will be unable to view any messages posted or imported after that message until that message is either deleted or validated by a sub-op.

When a sub-op reads the messages, she is prompted to validate the message. If she declines to do so, she is prompted to delete the message. If she does neither, this leaves all messages posted after the unvalidated one unreadable by normal users and this may not be noticed by the sub-op.

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