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Freebsd Non-root

Running on FreeBSD, you can use the mac_portacl(4) framework to allow a specific user ID to bind specific reserved ports.

First, find the uid of the user you are running sbbs as. Assuming the user name is “sbbs”:

id sbbs


Next, you need to edit /boot/loader.conf and add the line


. Now, you need to add the following lines to /etc/sysctl.conf. Replace “1003” with the uid you found above:


Finally, you will need to apply the changes. Load the module using

kldload mac_portacl

then apply the sysctl.conf changes

service restart sysctl


Now you should be able to run SBBS as the specified user and rebind ports. Make sure you remove the User= line from the UNIX section of the sbbs.ini or you will be unable to recycle the BBS.

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