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IceEdit v2.35 1994-97 Jeremy Landvoigt


Install into exec/iceedit directory.


Install into xtrn/iceedit directory for Linux/DOSemu.


Add to SCFG->External Programs->External Editors:

Name                            IceEdit                           
Internal Code                   ICEEDIT                           
Command Line                    %!iceedit\iceedit /F:%f /N:%# 
Access Requirements             ANSI                              
Intercept I/O                   No                                
Native Executable               No                                
Use Shell to Execute            No                                
Word Wrap Quoted Text           No                                
Automatically Quoted Text       All                               
Editor Information Files        QuickBBS MSGINF/MSGTMP            
Expand Line Feeds to CRLF       No                                
Strip FidoNet Kludge Lines      Yes                               
BBS Drop File Type              RBBS/QuickBBS   DORINFO1.DEF      

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