Exitilus is a fantasy door game involving incredible monster fights, bloody player battles, merchants, thievery, trickery, daring quests, large kingdoms, unimaginable conquests, highly intellectual magic, skill, creatures from beyond imagination, user interaction, and one hell of a brave soul...

SCFG Settings

Name                       Exitilus
Internal Code              EXITILUS
Start-up Directory         ../xtrn/exitilus
Command Line               exitilus %#
Clean-up Command Line
Execution Cost             None
Access Requirements
Execution Requirements
Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes
Intercept Standard I/O     No
Native (32-bit) Executable No
Use Shell to Execute       No
Modify User Data           No
Execute on Event           No
Pause After Execution      No
BBS Drop File Type         GAP         DOOR.SYS
Place Drop File In         Node Directory
Time Options               As needed for your BBS

Exitilus Setup

Unpack the archive to the directory and ensure that pkunzip is in your path or copy it to the exitilus directory. Run INSTALL.EXE from the exitilus directory. This will create three directories, PNEWS, ANSI and QUESTS and unarchive them. If it does not, for some reason (It didn't on my BBS) simply unpack the archives in thier respective directories (ANSI & QUESTS). After INSTALL runs, it will launch EXSETUP. From there, you can set Game Options and the Node configurations.

Welcome to Exitilus Setup v3.17!

(G)ame Options
(S)etup Node(s)
(R)eset Exitilus
(E)nter Registration Codes
(D)elete Players
(A)dd Items
(F)ix Player.dat File

(Q)uit and Save
Please Choose:

(G)ame Options - Use this option to configure SysOp options for the game.
Run the above option First!

After running this command, you will be prompted with this menu:

Game Options
(1)Minimum Monster Fights: 10
(2)Maximum Monster Fights: 20
(3)Player Fights per day: 3
(4)Bank Interest: 5%
(5)Inactivity Player Delete (in days): 0
(6)Inactivity Time Delay (in seconds): 0
(7)Number of Kingdoms: 4
(8)Allow Players to Play the Same Quest Multiple Times: No
(9)Death Style: New
(D)Death Matches: Allowed
(G)Starting Gold: $2000
(F)Fight Level Difference: 30%
(A)ASCII Bulletin File: bulletin.txt
(S)External ASCII Score File: scores.txt
(C)Clear Tavern Message Board
(*)Reset Game Options
(Q)uit to Main Menu
Please Choose:

Set the game options as you want for your BBS and then setup the node config files.

(S)etup Node(s) - Use this option to enter the paths to the drop file, Exitilus, and BBS Path for each node. Run this option second!

After executing this option, you will be prompted for which node you want to change/setup. If you are installing this game for the first time, 
just enter 0 for the starting node. You are then prompted with this menu:

Example node configuration setup

Node 1 Configuration:

(D)rop File Path and Name: c:\sbbs\node1\door.sys
(E)xitilus Path: c:\sbbs\xtrn\exitilus
(B)BS Path: c:\sbbs\xtrn\exitilus
(C)omport Settings: 1
(I)RQ Settings: 0
(L)ocked Baud Rate: Port Not Locked
(F)osill Routines: Fosill Driver
(N)ext Node Number
(P)revious Node Number
(Q)uit to Main Menu

Please Choose:

No nightly maintenance is needed as Exitilus runs maintenance the first time a player enters for the day.

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