Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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A doorgame RPG like no other! DoorMUD is a full-featured MUD with excellent multi-node gameplay and a large game world consisting of 2100 rooms! Has 200+ unique items, 50 spells, tons of boss monsters and quests, lots more. Registered version comes with a World Editor for sysops! More info –

SCFG Settings

Name                       DoorMUD
Internal Code              DMUD
Start-up Directory         ../xtrn/dmud
Command Line               dmud32
Clean-up Command Line
Execution Cost             None
Access Requirements
Execution Requirements
Multiple Concurrent Users  Yes
Intercept Standard I/O     No
Native (32-bit) Executable Yes
Use Shell to Execute       No
Modify User Data           No
Execute on Event           No
Pause After Execution      No
BBS Drop File Type         Synchronet      XTRN.DAT
Place Drop File In         Node Directory
Time Options               As needed for your BBS

DoorMUD Setup

If you enter the door with a Sysop account (security 90+), a special menu option will become available that allows you to configure the game's settings.

At the top of the Configuration screen, you will see your Pre-registration Code. This is used for registration purposes if you wish to purchase the full version of the game.

From the Configuration screen, you can change the following game settings:

[F] Monster Fights per Day:  
       Controls how many monster fights a player gets per day.  Every time a
       player kills a monster, one monster fight is used up.  Once a player
       runs out of monster fights, they can still continue to kill more 
       monsters if desired, but they won't gain any experience or gold for it.
       The default is 35 monster fights per day, which will entertain an
       experienced player for about 15 to 25 minutes per day.  

[M] Maximum Accumulated Fights:
       Unlike most other doorgames, unspent monster fights in DoorMUD add up
       from day to day.  This way, your users do not have to play every single
       day in order to maintain a high ranking.  This setting controls how 
       many unused fights a player can accumulate; the default is 100.  It is
       recommended that you set it to about 3 times as high as the daily fights
       setting.  But if you wish to just turn off fight accumulation entirely,
       set it to the same number as the daily fights setting.

[R] Reset the game
       Totally resets the entire game, deleting all players and returning all
       items to their original location.  Please note that there is no need to
       select this option when you first install the door.

[U] Undo previous reset
       Restores the game files prior to the previous reset. This option is 
       only available if the game has been reset before.

If you have purchased the DoorMUD Professional add-on, additional config options are also available. Please see the DoorMUD Professional documentation for information on these settings.

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