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Earliest Feedback Regarding Synchronet (1991)

From Steve Deppe's backup floppies, snippets of Vertrauen's new user validation emails from the first days of running Synchronet open to the public:

To   : Digital Man
Title: Hi
From : Nightwing #27
Date : Wed Jul 17 22:33:53 1991 RE: Validation

This software looks terrific.  So I can finally do my batch uploads with no
worries?  Sounds great to me.  

To   : Digital Man
Title: Validation
From : Beemer #28
Date : Wed Jul 17 23:16:04 1991 RE: Validation

Congratulations on completing your new BBS software!

To   : Digital Man
Title: Yo...
From : Rob Cromwell #32
Date : Thu Jul 18 09:57:59 1991 RE: Validation

    Wow...I've got a Crazy Cursor!?!  I dig it.  Well, I'm finally back in
action and I'm sporting my new 20mhz 386SX with 16 megs of RAM!  

To   : Digital Man
Title: Yo!
From : The Zapper #33
Date : Thu Jul 18 11:05:16 1991 RE: Validation

Allright, you got synchro up here.... It already kicks some rodent butt over
the old WWIV. Look forward to seeing more....

To   : Digital Man
Title: calling
From : The Stainless Steel Rat #35
Date : Thu Jul 18 11:23:41 1991 RE: Validation

this software looks really good, and i'm glad you got it all working, i would
like to see it further if validated...well thanks for taking the time to look
at my application..

To   : Digital Man
Title: yo...
From : Wise Apple #41
Date : Thu Jul 18 13:51:39 1991 RE: Validation

Hey I like the new software. looks pretty good from this end. To you intend to
distribute this or are people gonna have to wait awhile?

To   : Digital Man
Title: New (previous) user message ...
From : Darknight #45
Date : Thu Jul 18 17:47:27 1991 RE: Validation

The board looks excellent from what I have seen so far; nice work.

To   : Digital Man
Title: hello again...
From : Chunder Dog #46
Date : Thu Jul 18 18:52:22 1991 RE: Validation

I used to be on your BBS before you changed software.  So far I like it, a lot
quicker that WWIV.

To   : Digital Man
Title: Well,
From : Pazuzu #49
Date : Thu Jul 18 23:01:48 1991 RE: Validation

ANyway, this software looks pretty cool. Is it still a WWIV hack?

To   : Digital Man
Title: Request for validation
From : Mercenary #50
Date : Fri Jul 19 00:17:28 1991 RE: Validation

Congradulations on the launch of the new software. From what I have seen so
far it appears quite impressive and very flexible. 

To   : Digital Man
Title: HI Digital Man
From : Smegs #51
Date : Fri Jul 19 00:49:22 1991 RE: Validation

HI I like you new format it look better that before.  I hope this one will be
be as good as the other one.. 

To   : Digital Man
Title: New User Application
From : Crusader #55 
Date : Fri Jul 19 11:14:33 1991 RE: Validation REJECT (Eddie Kim)

    I got the number from a post by you on the wrong number, and when i heard
that you are running new software, i jumped at the opportunity to be a member
of your board.  

To   : Digital Man
Title: Old User requesting access
From : Hombre #58
Date : Fri Jul 19 12:44:38 1991 RE: Validation

Can't wait to use the new BBS.  

To   : Digital Man
Title: Validation Request...
From : King Typing Torture #78
Date : Sun Jul 21 04:18:27 1991 RE: Validation

OK, just wanted to say that this board is looking mighty good, kinda like a
polished WWIV, but better.  I like your little cursors and how they change
each time.  Little things like that.  Being an x-WWIV sysop, I know how hard
it is to put in a single mod, so I must say that I'm impressed taht you wrote
this whole program yourself.

To   : Digital Man
Title: Hello again
From : Spy #72
Date : Sat Jul 20 19:42:25 1991 RE: Validation

Rob Cromwell told me to call and check out your new software.  See ya

To   : Digital Man
Title: Validation
From : Bill Johnson #83
Date : Mon Jul 22 10:29:24 1991 RE: Validation

BTW, the new software looks good so-far.

To   : Digital Man
Title: re-logon
From : St. Elmo #86
Date : Mon Jul 22 13:33:06 1991 RE: Validation

Thanks for the effort of the BBS and the new software.  

To   : Digital Man
Title: Hello.
From : Animal #87
Date : Mon Jul 22 21:01:07 1991 RE: Validation

I called here because one of my users, Accutron, recommended that I check out
your system as he is VERY impressed by the job you have done of programming
this system. So far, I am impressed also. 

To   : Digital Man
Title: Howdy again
From : Kaptain Kaos #89
Date : Mon Jul 22 22:50:12 1991 RE: Validation

The new software looks very well planned out to this point out. I congradulate
and appreciate your effort. 

To   : Digital Man
Title: validation.
From : Alka Seltzer #90
Date : Tue Jul 23 00:00:30 1991 RE: Validation

Nice. No (quoting an old WWIV post) ANSI-barfed screens -- real professional
and clean. It took me quite a while to get the magic word -- ick.

Anyway, it's nice to see your board up in zero downtime. 

To   : Digital Man
Title: Validation.
From : Ripper #92
Date : Tue Jul 23 11:46:41 1991 RE: Validation

I don't know if this new program you wrote is easy to use like the previous one, but I
must congratulate you for making a BBS program.  

To   : Digital Man
Title: Well it looks like you've really gone and done it now DM......
From : Accutron #94
Date : Tue Jul 23 14:37:06 1991

Your BBS software is excellent, to say the least. 

To   : Digital Man
Title: Validation request.
From : David Green #100
Date : Wed Jul 24 05:39:55 1991 RE: Validation

Your new BBS software sounds very interesting. 

To   : The Guru
Title: Validation Feedback
From : Spyn #104
Date : Wed Jul 24 18:42:12 1991 RE: Validation

I have prompted to call becuse i heard Digital Man has written a new bbs software
and was acceptiing users. As far as i can see so is a brilliant peice of
software and i look forward on becomeing a user.  Thanks Alot.

Title: Awesome...
From : Lounge Lizard #105
Date : Wed Jul 24 19:44:38 1991 RE: Validation

    Well Rob I have to hand it too you!  Yes I'm sure you have had your hand
full of compliments but your new software fantastic!  Anyhow, put me on your
mailing list if you ever plan on marketing it!

Title: Hello....
From : The Taz #108
Date : Thu Jul 25 10:39:43 1991 RE: Validation

I have heard alot of good comments about this board and as I can see and
read so far, you have done a great job.

Title: Hello
From : Nagu #121
Date : Sat Jul 27 15:04:25 1991 RE: Validation

   Welp, right off, I'd like to say that this looks like a pretty rad BBS. So
far anyway.  

Title: Validation Feedback
From : Scourge #123
Date : Sun Jul 28 18:35:39 1991 RE: Validation

Incidentally, I have never seen this type of BBS software before. But I
suppose the sometimes inadequate programming that went into WWIV can provide
problems in a multi-node. ok, well see ya later...

Title: Validation
From : Socrates #124
Date : Sun Jul 28 19:46:15 1991 RE: Validation

As far as I've seen, this BBS is far bettter than any others, software wise.
You programmed it yourself?  That must have taken months.  

Title: New User Validation Request
From : Kapt Kopter #131
Date : Wed Jul 31 13:44:59 1991 RE: Validation

As to your new bbs software my first impression is that it is "smooth".

Title: Old user
From : Diablo #138
Date : Fri Aug 02 16:51:03 1991 RE: Validation OK

This really looks cool so far, it looks like you really gave it your all. 

Title: reValidation
From : Warmonger #140
Date : Sat Aug 03 10:13:58 1991 RE: Validation OK

The board looks hot, can't wait to check the rest of it out. Later on.

Title: New User
From : Delightful #143
Date : Sun Aug 04 00:09:14 1991 RE: Validation OK

Well, first of all, I just want to say that I think you did an awesome job on
the board. 

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