Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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text directory

The Synchronet text directory contains several forms of text files, generally displayable to users of the BBS.

Directory Contents

With a few exceptions, the text directory contains files that may be displayed to users (e.g. menu files displayed in the Terminal Server).

The stock/default contents of the text directory can be browsed online here.

A daily snapshot archive of the stock/default contents of the text directory can downloaded in zip (for Windows) or tgz (for *nix).

Since many of the files in the text directory may reflect the sysop's personal customizations, it's a highly recommended to be very careful when replacing/overwriting any files in this directory.


The menu files displayed to users of the Terminal Server are stored in the text/menu directory.

References to the files in the text/menu directory may be made from command shells, loadable modules, services, text.dat lines, and web interface scripts.

Files in the text/menu directory (and its sub-directories) are special because there may be multiple terminal-specific versions of each menu base filename. The .asc version of a menu file is considered the “lowest common denominator”, and will be displayed when other versions do not exist or the user's terminal has no special capabilities (e.g. TTY).

See text files for more details about the various file types supported in the text/menu directory (e.g. .asc, .ans, .mon, .rip, etc.).

Sub-directories of the text/menu directory may be used for the storage of menu files for (non-default or 3rd party) command shells.


The text/avatars directory contains avatar collections (*.bin files) from which the BBS users may select a pre-made avatar for their personal use.

See the avatars module for more details.

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