Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Virtual UART/FOSSIL Driver Configuration

The sbbsexec.ini file is used to configure the behavior of the kernel mode component of Synchronet FOSSIL and Virtual UART driver for Windows NT-based operating systems (this includes XP, Vista, and Windows 7): sbbsexec.dll.


The default sbbsexec.ini file is located in your Synchronet exec directory. If there is another sbbsexec.ini file in the startup directory of the program to be executed (e.g. xtrn/doorgame/sbbsexec.ini), that file will be loaded after exec/sbbsexec.ini, over-riding only those values specified in the second file.

The standard alternate INI filenaming is also supported.

Root Section

These values may be be overridden in a program-specific section named after the program to be executed (e.g. [DSZ] for dsz.exe).


Default: Warning

Possible Values: Emergency, Alert, Critical, Error, Warning, Notice, Informational, Debugging

This key determines the minimum severity of messages from sbbsexec.dll that will be sent to the system debug log.

You can use software such as DebugView to view the log output from sbbsexec.dll.


Default: false

Possible Values: true or false


Default: True

Possible Values: true or false

This key determines whether the program will be allowed to disconnect the user.


Default: 1.0 Possible Values: 0 and up, fractional values are supported (e.g. 0.5, 1.25, etc.)

Interval of time-slice yield, in milliseconds (fractions supported): Lower numbers result in more frequent yields, reducing CPU utilization and possibly reducing performance/responsiveness while higher numbers can result in fewer yields, increasing CPU utilization (possibly taxing the system) and increasing performance/responsiveness.

This number may need to be “tuned” on a per-program/system basis.

Set to 0 to disable yielding.

[UART] Section


Default: true

Possible Values: true or false


Default: 1

Possible Values: 1-4


Default: depends on ComPort value


Default: depends on ComPort value

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