Command Lines

There are a number of places in SCFG where a sysop may configure command-lines to be executed for certain features (e.g. doors, file transfer drivers, file archive/compression/test, etc.).


If the command-line is to be used to execute an internally evaluated module (either Baja or JavaScript), the command line should begin with an asterisk (*) or question mark (?) character. An asterisk indicates that a .js file should be executed from either the mods or exec directory if it exists, otherwise, to execute a .bin (Baja compiled) file (from either the mods or exec directory) if it exists. A question mark indicates to execute a .js file only (do not fall back to .bin). The module file extension (e.g. .js or .bin) is optional.

In summary:

Command-line Description
*example Executes exec/example.js or exec/example.bin
?example Executes exec/example.js only

Note: The mods directory or configured Start-up Directory (when relevant) are also searched for modules to execute.


Command lines configured in SCFG may include Command Line Specifiers which are special sequences (macros) which will be replaced with useful dynamic values at the time the command line is executed by the BBS.

Command Line Specifiers may also be used in many string-related Baja functions and with the JavaScript bbs.cmdstr() method.

The currently supported Command Line Specifiers are:

Specifer Description Windows Example Unix Example
%A Current user alias digital man
%a Current user alias (auto-quoted) "digital man"
%b Current baud (DTE) rate 38400
%c Current connect description Telnet
%d Current connect (DCE) rate 30000
%e Estimated CPS rate*10 30000
%F File path/name C:\SBBS\NODE1\DOOR.SYS/sbbs/node1/door.sys
%f File path/name (auto-quoted) "C:\Program Files\SomeFile""/some path/file/"
%g Temporary file directory C:\SBBS\NODE1\TEMP\/sbbs/node1/temp/
%h Socket descriptor (inheritable) 1402
%i Current client IP address
%j DATA directory C:\SBBS\DATA\/sbbs/data/
%k CTRL directory C:\SBBS\CTRL\/sbbs/ctrl/
%l Current maximum lines per message 500
%m Minutes in the current user's minute bank 0
%n Current node directory C:\SBBS\NODE1\/sbbs/node1/
%O Sysop's name digital man
%o Sysop's name (auto-quoted) "digital man"
%p Client protocol (e.g. Telnet, RLogin, SSH), or “raw” raw
%q System's QWK ID (as specified in SCFG) VERT
%r Client's terminal height (in rows) 24
%s File specification or current command string C:\FILES\*.ZIP/files/*.zip
%t Time (in seconds) user has left online 60
%u UART I/O address in hex or F=FOSSIL F
%v Synchronet version 3.15a
%w Client's terminal width (in columns) 80
%x Current user's command shell (internal code) DEFAULT
%y COMSPEC or SHELL environment variable C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe/bin/sh
%z TEXT directory C:\SBBS\TEXT\/sbbs/text/
%. Executable file suffix/extension .exe
%~ File path/name in Micros~1 short format (Win32) C:\SOMEFI~1/somefilename.txt
%! EXEC directory C:\SBBS\EXEC\/sbbs/exec
%@ EXEC directory only on Windows C:\SBBS\EXEC\
%# Current Node number (1-255) 1
%* Current Node number (0 padded to 3 digits) 001
%$ User's credits 4534834
%+ User's real name (auto-quoted) “Rob Swindell”
%- User's chat handle/call-sign (auto-quoted) WX6YYZ
%% Percent symbol %
%? Platform/operating system (build target) win32linux
%^ Processor architecture (build target) i686x64
%1 Current user number 1
%2 Current user number (0 padded to 2 digits) 01
%3 Current user number (0 padded to 3 digits) 001
%4 Current user number (0 padded to 4 digits) 0001
%(5-9) Current user number (0 padded to 5-9 digits) 00001


For most alphabetic specifiers, using uppercase or lowercase letters will produce the same results. The following specifiers support automatic quoting, enclosing the value in double-quote characters only when spaces are included in the expanded value. To prevent automatic quoting, use the uppercase version of the specifier (e.g. %A instead of %a).

  • %a
  • %f
  • %o

The %~ specifier is always auto-quoted on non-Windows platforms (and never requires quoting on Windows platforms).

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