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The Realm of Serion BBS

Heavily modified to bring a unique experience, you will find no other BBS like the Realm of Serion. Upon entering the BBS, you find yourself in the courtyard with several options to choose from, allowing you to

  • Play classic games by entering the Fighter's Guild or Mage's Guild
  • View the Reddit style bulletin board. You can also make posts, add comments, upvote and downvote.
  • Add a oneliner
  • Read and send mail
  • Real time chat in the Tavern
  • Visit the Oracle for weather foretellings, news and wisdom
  • And more...

The BBS hosts tournaments with Legend of the Red Dragon (LORD), offering prizes to the winners.

The prize offerings along with other BBS information can be found on the BBS website:

The Realm of Serion currently offers these classic games:

  • Legend of the Red Dragon - Tournament and Extreme modes
  • Usurper
  • Dungeon Master
  • Exitilus
  • The Pit
  • Falcon's Eye
  • Ambroshia
  • Arrowbridge 2
  • Planets TEOS
  • Tradewars 2002
  • Operation Overkill 2
  • DoorMUD
  • Barren Realms Elite

Via telnet, the BBS can be reached through port 23


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