Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Exemptions are used by the sysop to give user's extended privilege to the system. For example, you might want to give a trustworthy user the right to remove, move, and edit descriptions of all files in the File Transfer Section. Normally users can only remove or edit the description of a file they've uploaded, but a user with the R exemption can move any file, remove any file, or edit any file description in the File Transfer Section. This ability is normally only given to sysops or co-sysops.

Flag Name Description
A Anonymous Allows user to post and send e-mail anonymously
C Chat Allows user to page the local sysop with the ;CHAT command regardless of the sysop availability state
D Download Allows user to download files even when the user doesn't have enough credits
E Expire by Time Prevents user account from expiring when the user runs out of time and the SCFG->System->Toggle Options->User Expires When Out of Time is set to “Yes”.
F FidoNet Crash/File Request/Return Receipt NetMail Allows user to send FidoNet NetMail using title specifiers (CR/FR/FA/RR)
G Multiple Nodes Allows user to be logged on to more than one node at a time. This exemption is useful for Guest accounts
H No inactivity Allows user to be logged on for extended inactive periods without being automatically disconnected
I Interrupt Nodes Allows user to interrupt (hang up on) other nodes with the ;INTR command
J Chat Channel Cost User will not be charged credits to change chat channels
L Logons per day Allows user to logon the system an indefinite number of times per day
M Mail Sending Allows user to send more mail messages than their security level's daily limit would otherwise allow
N Node Locking Allows user to toggle the lock status of any node with the ;LOCK command and log on a locked node
O QWK Packet Size Allows user's created QWK packets to contain an unlimited number of messages
P Permanent This user account will not be automatically deleted due to inactivity (disable auto delete)
Q Quiet/Anonymous Node Allows user to toggle the quiet or anonymous state of his node with the ;QUIET or ;ANON commands respectively. Nodes that are in quiet mode appear to be “Waiting for call” to the other nodes. Anonymous modes appear to have “UNKNOWN USER” online.
R Remove/Move/Edit Descriptions of Files Allows user to edit the descriptions of and move/remove any file in the Transfer Section that the user has access to.
S Send NetMail CostUser will not be charged credits for sending NetMail.
T Time Online Allows the user to remain online indefinitely - no time limit. The inactivity timer remains active.
U Upload Files Allows user to upload into any configured file directory.
V Auto Login via IPAllows user to enable auto-login by IP address or Caller-ID (no user-ID/password authentication required.)
W Mail Waiting Allows user account to have more mail waiting than the configured maximum (e.g. for Mail server)
X External Programs User will not be charged credits to run externals.

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