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 === Example output: === === Example output: ===
 +The following example output is from a system with two file libraries. In this example, we're scanning only the first file library which has the name "​Main"​. This library has twenty file directories in it.
 <​code>​ <​code>​
-Scanning Main Newly Uploaded Files+$ /​sbbs/​exec/​dupefind 1 is located in : Main             ​Newly Uploaded Files +DUPEFIND Version 1.02 (Linux) - Synchronet Duplicate File Finder 
-                       and : File Dist Net    BFDS+ 
 +Reading directory index 377 of 377 
 +Scanning ​Main Newly Uploaded Files
 Scanning Main BBS Related Scanning Main BBS Related
Line 29: Line 33:
                        and : Main             ​FOSSIL                        and : Main             ​FOSSIL
 Scanning Main BBS Doors Scanning Main BBS Doors
-Oot_120 .Zip is located in : Main             BBS Doors 
-                       and : File Dist Net    DDSDOORS 
 Scanning Main BlueWave Scanning Main BlueWave
- +Scanning Main FastEcho is located in : Main             BlueWave +Scanning ​Main FOSSIL 
-                       and : File Dist Net    MAXUTIL+Scanning Main Internet 
 +Scanning Main BBS Software & Utils 
 +Scanning Main Text 
 +Scanning Main Communications 
 +Scanning Main Utils 
 +Scanning Main Games 
 +Scanning Main OS/2 
 +Scanning Main Programming 
 +Scanning Main Graphics 
 +Scanning Main Business 
 +Scanning Main Misc 
 +Scanning Main Uploads 
 +Scanning Main Sysop 
 +Scanning Main User
 </​code>​ </​code>​
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[.:​index|Utilities]]   * [[.:​index|Utilities]]

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