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 ====== DSTSEDIT ====== ====== DSTSEDIT ======
-FIXME+This utility is the Synchronet Daily Statistics Editor, which may be used to modify the binary file ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]/​dsts.dab''​ which contains your BBS's daily statistics. This file also contains some cumulative statistics (i.e. total logons and total time-on) and a time-stamp of the last time the file was updated by the BBS. 
 +There is also a separate ''​dsts.dab''​ file in each ''​[[dir:​node]]''​ directory which stores the statistic  
 +values for that individual node. This utility can be used to edit either of the two statistic file types: System or Node. 
 +===== Usage ===== 
 +To edit your system'​s statistics, you can either run ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​dstsedit''​ with your Synchronet ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]''​ 
 +directory as the current directory, or run ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​dstsedit''​ with the path of the Synchronet ''​[[dir:​ctrl]]''​ directory as an argument. 
 +  # /​sbbs/​exec/​dstsedit /​sbbs/​ctrl 
 +To edit an individual node's statistics, you can either run ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​dstsedit''​ with the 
 +node's directory as the current directory, or run ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​dstsedit''​ with the node's  
 +directory as an argument. 
 +  # /​sbbs/​exec/​dstsedit /​sbbs/​node1 
 +When run with no command-line argument, ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​dstsedit''​ will attempt to edit the file named ''​dsts.dab''​ in the directory specified by the ''​[[env:​SBBSCTRL]]''​ environmnet variable or in the current working directory. 
 +The program is interactive with a simple menu/hotkey design. Use with caution and only ''​Q''​uit and save changes if you are sure of your modifications. 
 +Synchronet Daily Statistics Editor v1.01 
 +S) Date Stamp (MM/​DD/​YY) ​   :      03/06/12 
 +L) Total Logons ​            : ​        ​11893 
 +O) Logons Today             : ​           20 
 +T) Total Time on            :         ​14719 
 +I) Time on Today            :           155 
 +U) Uploaded Files Today     : ​            0 
 +B) Uploaded Bytes Today     : ​            0 
 +D) Downloaded Files Today   : ​           20 
 +W) Downloaded Bytes Today   : ​    ​116096647 
 +P) Posts Today              :             6 
 +E) E-Mails Today            :             0 
 +F) Feedback Today           : ​            0 
 +N) New Users Today          :             2 
 +Q) Quit and save changes 
 +X) Quit and don't save changes 
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[.:​scfg:​index|Utilities]]   * [[.:​scfg:​index|Utilities]]

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