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-====== Synchronet Message Base Format ​====== +====== Synchronet Message Base ====== 
 +The SMB format and library specification v1.21, circa 1993: [[http://​​docs/​smb.html]] 
 +===== Header Fields ===== 
 +==== RECIPIENT ==== 
 +  * The RECIPIENT header field contains a single name or full-address of the message recipient, in US-ASCII or UTF-8 characters 
 +  * The RECIPIENTLIST header fields contains the original comma-separated list of all message recipients (excluding CC's), in US-ASCII or UTF-8 characters 
 +  * The RFC822TO header field contains the MIME-encoded version of the RECIPIENTLIST header field, if applicable 
 +Every message must have a (single) RECIPIENT header field. The RECIPIENTLIST header field is optional and an RFC822TO header field should not exist if a RECIPIENTLIST header field is not also present.
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-  * [[:ref:|ref index]]+  * [[:ref:|Reference Library]]
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