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 +====== Dirs.txt ======
 +DIRS.TXT is an a file format used by synchronet to import and export file areas.  ​
 +Each flie area claims 20 lines in a flat file, with the terminator:
 +====== Line descriptions ======
 +<​code>​1. Area Long Name
 +2. Area Short Name
 +3. Area code without prefix (eg: MAIN)
 +4. data directory (eg /sbbs/data or wherever the subdirectories for this area are stored blank for default)
 +5. Access Requirements (eg: LEVEL 30 or blank for default)
 +6. Upload Requirements (eg: LEVEL 30 or blank for default)
 +7. Download Requirements (eg: LEVEL 30 or blank for default)
 +8. Operator Requirements (eg: LEVEL 90 or blank for no operators)
 +9. Path (subdir of Data Directory, or full path)
 +10. Upload Semaphore File (0 or file name)
 +11. Max Files (eg: 1000)
 +12. Allowed File Extensions (comma separated. blank for all)
 +13. 32-bit hexadecimal encoded list of misc. options. "​8CD"​ seems to be the default.
 +14. Slow Media Device number (0 if not a slow media device)
 +15. File Area Sort Type (0: Name Ascending 1: Name Descending 2: Date Ascending 3: Date Descending)
 +16. Exemption Requirements (eg: FLAG D or blank for no exemptions.)
 +17. Maximum File Age (0 for no limit)
 +18. % Credit on Upload (eg: 100)
 +19. % Credit on Download (eg: 90)
 +20: ***END-OF-DIR***</​code>​
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[:ref:|ref index]]

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