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 Other supported NewsLink command-line options: Other supported NewsLink command-line options:
-  ​-d      enable debug output +^ Option ^ Description ^ 
-  -ri     ​reset import pointers (import all) +| ''​-d''​ | enable debug output ​| 
-  -ui     ​update import pointers (import none) +| ''​-ri''​ | reset import pointers (import all) | 
-  -re     ​reset export pointers (export all) +| ''​-ui''​ | update import pointers (import none) | 
-  -ue     ​update export pointers (export none) +| ''​-re''​ | reset export pointers (export all) | 
-  -ne     ​no e-mail addresses +| ''​-ue''​ | update export pointers (export none) | 
-  -nm     ​no mangling of e-mail addresses (disable anti-SPAM measures) +| ''​-ne''​ | no e-mail addresses ​| 
-  -um     ​un-mangle e-mail addresses when importing +| ''​-nm''​ | no mangling of e-mail addresses (disable anti-SPAM measures) ​| 
-  -ix [n] import a fixed number (n) of articles/​messages (default is 500)+| ''​-um''​ | un-mangle e-mail addresses when importing ​| 
 +| ''​-ix //[n]//''​ | import a fixed number (n) of articles/​messages (default is 500) |

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