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 ====== FreqIT ====== ====== FreqIT ======
 +FreqIT is a module built into [[BinkIT]] that allows remote systems the ability to freq files from your system in real time.   
 +NOTICE: ​ I am starting the documentation here as I figure things out on this.  Please note that much of this has not been tested and I will be adding screen shot images in the coming days. 
 +To define file areas that you want outbound fidonet systems to file request simply run from the command line: 
 +  jsexec freqitcfg 
 +It will load this menu... 
 +║  FREQIT Options ║ 
 +║ │Dirs... ​       ║ 
 +║ │Secure Dirs... ║ 
 +║ │Max Files (10) ║ 
 +║ │Magic Names... ║ 
 +It gives you the following 4 options: 
 +  - Dirs:  This opens up a pick list of your file areas. ​ You can select them one at a time and Binkit will check down the list of the file areas selected to make the files in each area "​freqable"​ though the mailers. ​ If the file is found freqit will send the file to the user during the FTS Section. ​ Directories defined here are publically freqable meaning that any system that makes a request will receive files up to the define maximum files limit. 
 +  - Secure Dirs:  These are directories that are only scanned if the node that is making the file request list has a password. ​ If the requestor has no secure password set they will only be able to request files from the regular Dirs List. 
 +  - Maximim Files: ​ Just what it says... the maximum number of files that a node can request during a session. ​ However freqit does not (yet) keep track of how many sessions that a node can poll each day. 
 +  - Magic Names: ​ Let's say you have a file you want to be quickly available over the net.  If you define a magic name you can define a path to a specific file.  Freqit does take time to scan all the directories until it finds the requested file.  By defining a magic name you can simplify a filename that changes often, such as the nodelist, or you can speed up the delivery of any number of specific files on your system. 
 +I will add more to this as I figure it out more.  I hope this helps 
 + --- //​[[|Livewire Bbs]] 2016/07/20 22:06// 
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-  * [[:module:|module ​index]]+  * [[:module:|Module ​index]] 
 +  * [[module:​BinkIT]]
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