Synchronet v3.18b-Win32 (install) has been released (Sept-2020).

Synchronet v3.19a, now under development, requires libarchive-dev to build successfully.

You can donate to the Synchronet project using PayPal.


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-Synchronet v3.15b-Win32 (upgradehas been released ​(Oct-2011).+Synchronet v3.16c-Win32 (installha sido publicado ​(Aug-2015).
-DokuWiki just upgraded to the latestYou must now have an account on [[bbs:​Vertrauen]] to edit the wiki. +Udpuede [[:donate|donar]] al proyecto ​Synchronet ​usando ​PayPal.
- +
-You can [[:​donate]] ​to the Synchronet ​project using PayPal.+

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