Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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  • :latest - The latest stable release version (3.18b)
  • #, #.##, #.##x - Major, Minor, Patch options
  • :nightly - The latest nightly
  • :nightly-YYYYMMDD - Specific nightly (ex: nightly-20210222)

Windows Users

If you are running Windows, it is recommended that you first install WSL2, then Docker Desktop, configured for WSL2 and doing your volume mounts from inside WSL2 (such as with Ubuntu). VS Code with WSL Remote extension will make editing much easier to work with. Note: you can access your WSL2 instances in explorer via `\\wsl$`. You may want to add your SBBS volume directory to your Quick access shortcuts.


For your first time running Synchronet (fresh install), you should prepare the directories for volume mounting.

  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/backup
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/ctrl
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/text
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/web
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/data
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/fido
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/xtrn
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/mods
  sudo mkdir -p /sbbs/nodes
  sudo chmod a+rwX /sbbs

If upgrading from a previous run, you should pull the latest release.

  docker pull bbsio/synchronet:latest

From here, you can start sbbs:

  docker run -d --restart=unless-stopped \
    --name sbbs \
    -h sbbs \
    -v /sbbs/backup:/backup
    -v /sbbs/ctrl:/sbbs/ctrl
    -v /sbbs/text:/sbbs/text
    -v /sbbs/web:/sbbs/web
    -v /sbbs/data:/sbbs/data
    -v /sbbs/fido:/sbbs/fido
    -v /sbbs/xtrn:/sbbs/xtrn
    -v /sbbs/mods:/sbbs/mods
    -v /sbbs/nodes:/sbbs/nodes
    -p 23:23
    -p 80:80
    ...repeat for all service ports...

Shutting Down

To shut down and remove an existing instance, such as before running a new version.

  docker rm --force sbbs

Editing Content

If you are wanting to edit/update files, you may want to run the following on your common shared path, as files are created as root within the container.

  sudo chmod a+rwX /sbbs


  docker run -i sbbs sbbs-access


In order to better support portability, the following volume mounts are expected. Most directories will be populated on first run.

  • `/backup` - location in order to generate/create backup scripts inside the container.
    • `/defaults` - updated on first run, or updated versions, will container default directories from `/sbbs/` for reference.
  • `/sbbs/ctrl` - note: `text.dat` will be overwritten on updated versions.
  • `/sbbs/text`
  • `/sbbs/web` - not populated, copy files from `/backup/defaults/web-ecweb4` or `/backup/defaults/web-runemaster`
  • `/sbbs/data`
  • `/sbbs/fido`
  • `/sbbs/xtrn` - external programs, will populate directories that don't exist on first run or update
  • `/sbbs/mods` - your customizations, empty by default
  • `/sbbs/nodes` - shared nodes directory, not required if a single host is used.


Synchronet is preconfigured for the following services/ports, see `/sbbs/ctrl/sbbs.ini` and `/sbbs/ctrl/services.ini` for additional configuration.

  • `80` - http
  • `443` - https
  • `1123` - ws-term - used for ftelnet virtual terminal web connections
  • `11235` - wss-term - used for ftelnet virtual terminal web connections
  • `21` - ftp
  • `22`- ssh
  • `23` - telnet
  • `513`- rlogin
  • `64` - petscii 40-column
  • `128` - petscii 128-column
  • `25` - smtp-mail
  • `587` - smtp-submit
  • `465` - smtp-submit+tls
  • `110` - pop3
  • `995` - pop3+tls
  • `119` - nntp
  • `563` - nntps
  • `18` - message send prot
  • `11` - active user svc
  • `17` - qotd
  • `79` - finger
  • `6667` - irc

Other services/ports that may be enabled:

  • `5500` - hotline
  • `5501` - hotline-trans
  • `24554` - binkp
  • `24553` - binkps
  • `143` - imap
  • `993` - imap+tls

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