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-====== Docker ======+====== Install Synchronet on Docker ======
-**[[https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/bbsio/synchronet/general|Synchronet on Docker Hub]]** images are is built from [[https://gitlab.synchro.net/main/sbbs|source]] via [[https://github.com/bbs-io/synchronet-docker|bbs-io/synchronet-docker on github]].+**[[https://hub.docker.com/repository/docker/bbsio/synchronet/general|Synchronet on Docker Hub]]** images are is built from [[https://gitlab.synchro.net/main/sbbs|source]] via [[https://github.com/bbs-io/synchronet-docker|bbs-io/synchronet-docker on github]].  Images are build for x86_64, armv7 and arm64.
 ==== Tags ==== ==== Tags ====
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     mkdir ~/sbbs     mkdir ~/sbbs
     cd ~/sbbs     cd ~/sbbs
-    wget docker-compose.yml -O https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bbs-io/synchronet-docker/master/docker-compose.yml+    wget -O docker-compose.yml https://raw.githubusercontent.com/bbs-io/synchronet-docker/master/docker-compose.yml
     docker-compose up -d     docker-compose up -d
     sudo chmod -R a+rwX ./*     sudo chmod -R a+rwX ./*
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     docker exec -it sbbs bash     docker exec -it sbbs bash
 +To run scfg:
-To reset file permissions for editing (root by default): +    docker exec -it sbbs scfg
- +
-    sudo chmod -R a+rwX ./* +
 ===== Editing Content ===== ===== Editing Content =====
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