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 ====== Operation Overkill II ====== ====== Operation Overkill II ======
 +The original wasteland BBS on-line doorgame, Operation: Overkill, allows your users to battle against the evil and vile Hydrites in preventing them from conquering the planet. ​ Great user interaction provides for revenging subplots of bloodlust and conquering.
 +Compatible with most any BBS software, fossil driver required of speeds 9600+, multi-node aware! Telnet aware!
 +Operation Overkill v1.20 has been released as freeware. The registration key is available at [[http://​​forum/​index.php?​topic=34.0|Operation Overkill HQ]]
 ===== SCFG Settings ===== ===== SCFG Settings =====

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