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 ====== Falcon's Eye ====== ====== Falcon's Eye ======
 +Falcon's Eye or FE is a multi-player strategy door game for bulletin board systems . The game was created by Mehul Patel, author of Barren Realms Elite, but is now owned by John Dailey Software.
 +Gameplay is similar to BRE in a different setting. In Falcon's Eye, a player controls a county within a mythical, medieval world. Players must develop their county's economy, employ their people, construct buildings, create a military and expand their lands.
 +Falcon's Eye has more variables than BRE. A player's country can belong to one of many races; workers can be employed in various types of jobs; different buildings may be built on a county's land, and various types of spells may be cast.
 +Players compete for the "Falcon's Eye," a glass eye from a famous sculpture of a falcon. It is awarded each day to the player with the highest score. The player who possesses the Eye gains several advantages over other players, though his population will become more demanding, which results in a lower approval rating. 
 ===== SCFG Settings ===== ===== SCFG Settings =====
-  Name                       Falcons' Eye v1.06+  Name                       Falcons' Eye
   Internal Code              FE   Internal Code              FE
   Start-up Directory         ../xtrn/fe   Start-up Directory         ../xtrn/fe
Line 14: Line 21:
   Intercept Standard I/O     No   Intercept Standard I/O     No
   Native (32-bit) Executable No   Native (32-bit) Executable No
 +  Use Shell to Execute       No
   Modify User Data           No   Modify User Data           No
   Execute on Event           No   Execute on Event           No
-  BBS Drop File Type     (R) Solar Realms    DOORFILE.SR+  Pause After Execution      No 
 +  BBS Drop File Type        (R) Solar Realms    DOORFILE.SR
   Place Drop File In         Start-Up Directory   Place Drop File In         Start-Up Directory
 +  Time Options               Set as needed for your BBS 
 ===== Door Specific Instructions ===== ===== Door Specific Instructions =====
-FE and the other SR / John Daily doors are easy +===== Setup ===== 
-with Synchronet since it supports SR doors native + 
-''DOORFILE.SR''+FE and the other SR / John Daily doors are easy with Synchronet since it supports SR doors native ''DOORFILE.SR''. Basically just place the ''DOORFILE.SR'' in FE's directory and you're home free.  
 +:!: Note: BRE is not Multiplayer and can only be used on one node at a time. However, we can leave ''Allow Mulitple Users'' ON in [[module:binkit]] as BRE will inform the player the door is in use by itself. 
 +From the command prompt, in the FE directory, run the FE106.EXE executable. Once that is completed, run the UNPACK.BAT file. This will create the DATA and DOC directories. FE.DOC is in the DOC directory. Next, run INSTALL.EXE... 
 +===== Local BBS Playing only ===== 
 +Install Falcon's Eye (Y/N)? - Yes. 
 +Next screen 'BBS Types', select #10 - Synchronet (DOORFILE.SR). 
 +Ignore next screen which contains 'Setup Instructionsby pressing any key. 
 +Game Setup Screen 
 +FE 1.06 setup: 
 +The FE Directory is '[The directory to which you installed FE]' 
 +Which directory is your BSB in? [Enter the Directory to which you installed FE] 
 +Hit 'Enter' 
 +Enter the full path to your BBS's door files: [Enter the Directory to which you installed FE] 
 +Hit 'Enter' 
 +Batch file to create: [Enter the Directory to which you installed FE]\fe.bat 
 +Hit 'Enter' 
 +FE Can use the fossil driver for communications. 
 +Do you want FE to use the FOSSIL? (Y/N) 
 +Hit 'Y' 
 +If you have locked baud rates, please enter the baud rate: 
 +Hit 'Enter' 
 +Hit 'Enter' again 
 +Score File Setup 
 +Enter the location for the ANSI score file 
 +Enter the location for the ASCII score file 
 +Hit 'Enter' 
 +News File Setup 
 +Enter the location for the ANSI News file 
 +Enter the location for the ASCII News file 
 +Enter the location for Yesterday News ANSI file 
 +Enter the location for Yesterday News ASCII file 
 +Hit 'Enter' 
 +Hit 'Enter' again 
 +BRE creates the following BAT files: 
 +Since SBBS places the doorfile in the startup directory, edit it to match this 
 +===== InterBBS play ===== 
 +Contact the League Coordinator for the League you wish to join and they will send you the files needed to setup InterBBS play. 
 +Once you have those files, run FE SETUPINTERBBS and fill out the information as needed. 
 +You are about to create a BBS.CFG file for InterPlanetary warfare. 
 +Proceed? (Y/N) - Yes 
 +Sysop Name: Enter your Name 
 +BBS Name:   Enter your BBS's Name 
 +The Net/Node number should include zone only if BRNODES.DAT has it. 
 +Input as: (zone:)net/node 
 +Net/Node Number: Enter the information given to you by the League Coordinator 
 +The Following questions are related to your front end mailer. 
 +Incoming FILES Directory:     Enter the location where your mailer places inbound files 
 +Outbound NETMAIL directory:   Enter the location where your outbound netmail is placed 
 +FE Planetary League Number:  Enter your FE League number 
 +Your mailer must be one of the following: 
 +DBRIDGEOLD is the setting that should be used for DBridge v1.32 and lower mailers 
 +Front End Mailer: Enter the type of mailer you are using (Note: Argus/Radius/Taurus use NONE) 
 +Hit 'Enter' and your BBS.CFG file will be created. Copy the FENODES.DAT that you received from your League Coordinator into the FE directory. 
 +Edit the RESOURCE.DAT file and make the changes requested by the League Coordinator to match the other systems in the League. Normally these are: 
 +From the command line, in your FE directory, run BRE RESET and set the information to match what your BRE League Coordinator has given to you. Here, for example, are the settings for League 10: 
 +             FE League 10 settings for game starting Jan. 6, 2016 
 +                -=[ Current version used at this time v1.06 ]=- 
 +                   Next Start will be around Jan. 2, 2017   
 +=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Falcon's Eye Configuration Editor -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 
 +Game Start Date               : 01/6/2016  00:00:00 
 +Game Join Date                : 01/8/2017  00:00:00 
 +Turns Per Day                 : 15 (20) 
 +Turns of Protection           : 50 
 +Initial Market Land           : 30000 
 +Land Created / Day            : 3000 
 +Standard Wages                : 25 
 +Starting Land                 : 1000 
 +Starting People               : 1000 
 +Starting Silver               : 35000 
 +Starting Food                 : 5000 
 +Starting Stone Blocks         : 250 
 +Starting Weapons              : 500 
 +Starting Runes                : 100 
 +Max Attacks                   : 10 (7) 
 +Max Spells                    : 15  
 +Max Players                   : 25 
 +*Days for "Lost Attacks"      : 3 
 +Local Attacks                 : Disabled 
 +Local Attack Scoring          : Disabled 
 +*Dupe Checking                : Enabled 
 +From the command line, run FE TEST and take a look at the RESULTS.TXT file generated. This will tell you if there are any issues. 
 +I run FE inbound whenever my system receives mail. I also run the following every midnight in my nightly maintenance batch file. 
 +::FE League 10 
 +CD C:\sbbs\xtrn\fe10 
 +FE INBOUND [Processes any inbound BRE packets] 
 +FE SCORES [Creates InterBBS score files] 
 +FE PLANETARY [Runs daily Maintenance for BRE] 
 +FE REQUEST [Create global recon updates and requests] 
 +FE BBSINFO [Creates a text file of all League BBS's, their version number and date of last recon.] 
 +FE OUTBOUND [Processes any outbound packets] 
 +cd outbound 
 +move *.* c:\taurus\out\[filebox name] [Moves outbound packets to the filebox for the League Hub system] 
 +del c:\taurus\out\[filebox name]\*.msg [Deletes extraneous MSG files]
-Just place the ''DOORFILE.SR'' in FE's directory and +</code>
-you're home free.+
-:!: Note: FE is not Multiplayer and can only be +===== Register FE ====== 
-used on one node at a time.  However, +FE can still be registered at [[http://johndaileysoftware.com/purchase/index.asp|John Daily Software]]. If you plan on joining a InterBBS league, I highly suggest you register the software to have all functionality available to your players. Registration cost is $15.00. You can purchase the "Bundle" the includes BRE, FE, TAL and FH for $45.00
-we can leave Allow Mulitple Users ON +
-in [[util:scfg:index]] as FE will inform the player +
-the door is in use by itself.+
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
-  * [[:howto:door:|howto:door index]]+  * [[util:scfg:]] 
 +  * [[:howto:door:|How-To Install Doors]]
 {{tag>door game}} {{tag>door game}}
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