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In Memoriam

This page is for the remembrance of pioneering and influential people in the BBS community that have passed on1).

Steve Deppe

Steven Brent Deppe (May 22, 1958 - July 10, 2014) A.K.A. Ille Homine Albe

Early contributor to Synchronet BBS Software and mentor to Digital Man.

Chuck Forsberg

Kenny Gardner

Jack Rickard

Randy Suess

Randy John Suess (January 27, 1945 - December 10, 2019)

Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74

Wynn Wagner III

Winfield “Wynn” Wagner, A.K.A. Sven Andréas Wallin (January 18, 1951 - May 23, 2018)

Original developer of Opus-CBCS and contributor to important BBS standards, like FOSSIL (history).

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so called “silent keys” in the Amateur Radio world
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