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 [[https://​​obituaries/​orangecounty/​obituary.aspx?​pid=193404947|1954 - 2019]] [[https://​​obituaries/​orangecounty/​obituary.aspx?​pid=193404947|1954 - 2019]]
-Developer of [[https://​|GAP BBS Software]].+Developer of [[https://​|GAP BBS Software]] ​and the [[ref:​DOOR.SYS]] file format.
-===== Wynn Wagner III  ​===== +===== Marion "​Jack"​ Rickard ​===== 
-Winfield "​Wynn"​ Wagner, A.K.A. ​[[|Sven Andréas Wallin]] (January 181951 May 232018)+[[​obituaries/​mo/​cape-girardeau/​marion-jack-rickard-11373892|July 241955 August 312020]]
-Original developer ​of [[http://​​Opus-CBCS|Opus-CBCS]] and contributor to important BBS standards, like FOSSIL ([[​DOS/​OPUS/​opushist.html|history]]).+Publisher ​of [[wp>​Boardwatch Magazine]] and co-creator of [[​v=ZndB0vwavkM|ONE BBSCON]].
 ===== Randy Suess ===== ===== Randy Suess =====
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 [[https://​​2019/​12/​20/​technology/​randy-suess-dead.html|Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74]] [[https://​​2019/​12/​20/​technology/​randy-suess-dead.html|Randy Suess, Computer Bulletin Board Inventor, Dies at 74]]
 +===== Wynn Wagner III  =====
 +Winfield "​Wynn"​ Wagner, A.K.A. [[http://​​|Sven Andréas Wallin]] (January 18, 1951 - May 23, 2018)
 +Original developer of [[http://​​Opus-CBCS|Opus-CBCS]] and contributor to important BBS standards, like FOSSIL ([[http://​​IBM/​DOS/​OPUS/​opushist.html|history]]).
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====

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