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-====== ​Directory Structure ​======+====== ​Directories ​====== 
 +The Synchronet BBS directory structure:
 {{indexmenu>​.}} {{indexmenu>​.}}
 +By default, the above directories are sub-directories of your main Synchronet installation directory (e.g. ''​c:​\sbbs''​ on Windows or ''​~/​sbbs''​ or ''/​sbbs''​ on *nix). By default, lower-case short directory names are used. For example:
 +  /sbbs/ctrl/
 +     ​../​data/​
 +     ​../​exec/​
 +     ​../​mods/​
 +     ​../​node1/​
 +     ​../​node2/​
 +     ​../​node3/​
 +     ​../​node4/​
 +     ​../​text/​
 +     ​../​web/​
 +     ​../​xtrn/​
 +However, the sysop has the option of changing the location of these directories through configuration settings in [[util:​SCFG]] and ''​[[config:​sbbs.ini]]''​. If the location of these directories is changed for some reason, the sysop should also make sure that their system [[config:​env|environment variables]] match the new directory locations.
 +If 16-bit DOS programs are to be utilized in the BBS (e.g. as archive/​compression programs, door games, protocol drivers, etc.), you may run into troubles if you choose to use non-DOS compatible directory names (e.g. names longer than 8 characters or containing invalid DOS filename characters).

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