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  • Sysop: digital man
  • Public Bulletin Board System since 1988 (except for a brief period in 1997-1999)
  • Home of Synchronet BBS Software
  • Currently Located in Riverside County, California, USA (Previously located in Orange County, California)


  • ANSI Terminal Services
  • Traditional Internet Services
  • Modem: 951-549-9994
  • FidoNet: 1:103/705

Sysop Services

  • Root QWKnet hub of the DOVE-Net BBS message network
  • Free Dynamic-DNS service ( for Synchronet BBS Sysops


Vertrauen is currently hosted on 2 personal computer systems (built by me from parts from Fry's Electronics):

Hostname Operating System Hardware Photo Microsoft Windows 7 (32-bit) AMD A8-3850 (quad core) Debian Linux (x64) AMD Sempron
  • Antec cases
  • Cooler Master fans and heatsinks
  • Broadcom gigabit ethernet adapters
  • USRobotics Sportster V.90 dial-up modem

Vertrauen GIF Logo

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