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 === Guest Account Creation === === Guest Account Creation ===
-By default, if no ''Guest'' account exists, the sysop (user with [[level]] 99) FIXME only 99? or user#1? Each time they login? FIXME will be asked during logon to the [[server:Terminal]] server if they wish to create the ''Guest'' account at that time. If the sysop answers ''Yes'', the [[:module:makeguest]] [[:custom:JavaScript]] module will be executed to create the ''Guest'' account with the recommended access controls:+When a sysop with [[access:level|Security Level]] 99 logs into the [[server:Terminal]] serverthey will be asked to create a Guest account if the following conditions are met: 
 +  * Sysop's [[access:level|Security Level]] is 99 
 +  * ''Guest'' user does not already exist 
 +  * Sysop has not already been asked and said ''No'' and to not be asked again 
 +If the sysop answers ''Yes'', the [[:module:makeguest]] [[:custom:JavaScript]] module will be executed to create the ''Guest'' account with the recommended access controls:
   * [[Restrictions]]: ''G, K, P, M, W, R, C''   * [[Restrictions]]: ''G, K, P, M, W, R, C''
   * [[Exemptions]]: ''G, L, P, T''   * [[Exemptions]]: ''G, L, P, T''
-FIXME Still true? below FIXME +If you answered ''No'' to both the "create Guest?" and "Ask again later?" prompts, you will need to run the makeguest.js module manually if you wish to create a ''Guest'' account.
-The sysop account's Security Flag 4G is used by the default logon module +
-(exec/logon.js) to determine whether or not to prompt the sysop to create the +
-Guest account.  If you answered "Noto the create Guest and "Ask again later?" +
-prompts, you can either run the makeguest.js module manually, or restore the 4G +
-security flag to the sysop account to be prompted during the next logon.+
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
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