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 </​file>​ </​file>​
 +An alternative method is to instead subscribe/​link to the echoes (on your hub/uplink) you wish to carry on your BBS (e.g. via AreaFix request netmail message) and then as SBBSecho attempts to import received packets, it will add unknown areas to your ''​[[dir:​data]]/​badareas.lst''​ file. Import that file (''​badareas.lst''​) into SCFG->​Message Areas->​FidoNet. SBBSecho will automatically remove "​known"​ areas from the ''​badareas.lst''​ file after they'​ve been added to SCFG. You will lose some EchoMail messages using this scheme.
 ===== Area File ===== ===== Area File =====

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