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 === Long Tags === === Long Tags ===
-Although standard FidoNet echo tags may be as long as 35 characters, Synchronet'​s Sub-board //short names// are limited to 25 characters. ​When importing and exporting FTN areas (e.g. to/from ''​areas.bbs'' ​or EchoList files), usually the echo tag is copied to or derived from the associated Sub-board'​s ​short name. For this reasonecho tags longer than 25 characters in length may present ​problem ​for some import/​export or auto-create scenarios.+Although standard FidoNet echo tags (AKA "area tag"​) ​may be as long as 35 characters, Synchronet'​s Sub-board //short names// are limited to a length of 25 characters. ​As of July 28, 2018, Synchronet v3.17a will import ​(e.g. from ''​BACKBONE.NA'' ​file) echo tags longer than 25 characters into the "​Newsgroup"​ name of the sub-board. Each sub-board'​s ​"​Newsgroup" ​name can accommodate a length of up to 63 characters (no spaces)Likewisewhen exporting message areas from SCFG or SBBSecho (e.g. to an ''​areas.bbs''​ file), if "​Newsgroup"​ name is defined ​for a message area, it will be used for the exported echo tag of that exported area.
 === Bad Echo Area === === Bad Echo Area ===
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 == Secure Operation == == Secure Operation ==
-When set to ''​Yes''​, SBBSecho will compare ​the origin of any +Secure Operation tells SBBSecho ​to check the Area File (e.g. ''​areas.bbs''​) to insure that the packet ​origin ​(FTN //​address//​) ​of each inbound EchoMail message is already linked ​to the EchoMail //area// where the message was postedMessages denied import due to this setting are logged as a ''​Security violation''​. This setting defaults to ''​No''​                                       
-incoming mail packets ​to the nodes in the Area File +
-as messages are imported If a packet password has been +
-defined for that node, it will also be compared ​to the +
-password contained in the mail packet. Packets and messages +
-failing ​this security will not be imported. +
 == Allow Nodes to Add Areas from Area File == == Allow Nodes to Add Areas from Area File ==

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