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 +====== Makeuser ======
 +Makeuser is a native command-line utility for the purpose of adding user accounts to the Synchronet userbase.
 +MAKEUSER v1.10-Linux - Adds User to Synchronet User Database
 +usage: makeuser [ctrl_dir] name [-param value] [...]
 + -P Password
 + -R Real name
 + -H Chat handle
 + -G Gender (M or F)
 + -B Birth date (in MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY format)
 + -T Telephone number
 + -N Netmail (Internet e-mail) address
 + -A Street address
 + -L Location (city, state)
 + -Z Zip/​Postal code
 + -S Security level
 + -F# Flag set #
 + -FE Exemption flags
 + -FR Restriction flags
 + -E Expiration days
 + -C Comment
 +NOTE: multi-word user name and param values must be enclosed in "​quotes"​
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[:​util:​|util index]]

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