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-====== ​CHKSMB ​======+====== ​Check Message Base ======
-===== See Also ===== +===== Invoke ​=====
-  * [[:​util:​|Utilities]]+
 +==== Usage ====
 +usage: chksmb [-opts] <​filespec.SHD>​
 + opts:
 +       b - beep on error
 +       s - stop after errored message base
 +       p - pause after errored messsage base
 +       h - don't check hash file
 +       a - don't check allocation files
 +       t - don't check translation strings
 +       i - don't check message IDs
 +       e - display extended info on corrupted msgs
 +WARNING: All BBS nodes should be DOWNed (offline) or inactive when utilizing the ''​chksmb''​ utility.
 +The purpose of the CHKSMB utility is to insure that mail and/or message bases are valid. ​ If you suspect that your mail, or one of your message bases has become corrupted, you can run CHKSMB. ​ This will inform you of any possible corruption, and display information which may be useful in determining the cause of the corruption.
 +Example command line:
 +  chksmb /​sbbs/​data/​mail /​sbbs/​data/​subs/​*.shd
 +  ​
 +this will check your e-mail and sub-board data files for possible corruption.
 +Most mail and/or message bases which are corrupted can be reconstructed (fixed) using the [[util:​smbutil]] utility with the pack or restore command.
 +Message bases with corrupted index files must be fixed with the [[util:​fixsmb]] utility.
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[util:​index|Utilities]]
 +  * [[util:​smbutil]]
 +  * [[util:​fixsmb]]

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