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 ====== ASC2ANS ====== ====== ASC2ANS ======
-FIXME+Converts a Synchronet ASCII text file encoded with [[custom:​Ctrl-A codes]] to [[ref:​ANSI]] terminal escape sequences. 
 +This utility allows you to convert files that use Ctrl-A codes (attributes) into ANSI files suitable for viewing or editing with a [[resource:​ANSI Editors]] (the opposite function of the [[ANS2ASC]] utility). 
 +The syntax is: 
 +  asc2ans infile.asc outfile.ans [options] 
 +^ Option ^ Description ^ 
 +| -strip | strip Ctrl-A codes without [[ref:​ANSI]] equivalent, e.g. pause, delay | 
 +The suffix/​extension for the input filename will most likely be ''​.asc''​ or ''​.msg''​ and the output file should have a ''​.ans''​ extension.
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[:​util:​|Utilities]]   * [[:​util:​|Utilities]]
 +  * [[:​util:​ANS2ASC]]
 +  * [[:​resource:​ANSI Editors]]
 {{tag>​ansi}} ​ {{tag>​ansi}} ​

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