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 ====== Servers ====== ====== Servers ======
-Servers are enabled /disabled and configured in the [[config:sbbs.ini]] file.+Synchronet's TCP/IP Servers are in-process native binaries (in the form of dynamically loadable libraries and shared objects), written primarily in C (with very little C++).
-{{indexmenu>.}}  +===== Configuration ===== 
- + 
 +Synchronet's Servers are enabled/disabled and configured in the ''[[dir:ctrl]]/[[config:sbbs.ini]]'' file. 
 +===== TCP/IP Servers ===== 
 ====== See Also ====== ====== See Also ======
 +  * [[:service:|Services]]
 {{indexmenu>:service}} {{indexmenu>:service}}
 +{{tag>tcpip server}}
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