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External Program Data File (a.k.a. drop file), DOOR.SYS format.

This file should normally be created in the current node's directory (example: C:\sbbs\node1). The current node's directory can be easily passed to external programs via command line (using the %n command line specifier in SCFG) or more easily retrieved by external programs be reading the SBBSNODE environment variable.

The DOOR.SYS is a plain text file consisting of CRLF-delimited lines, parsed one line at a time.

Example Description Comment Default
COM1: Comm Port COM0: = LOCAL MODE
2400 Baud Rate 300 to 38400
8 Parity 7 or 8
1 Node Number 1 to 99 (Default to 1)
Y 19200 Flag Host/Modem LOCKED at 19200 (Default to N)
Y Screen Display Y=On N=Off (Default to Y)
Y Printer Toggle Y=On N=Off (Default to Y)
Y Page Bell Y=On N=Off (Default to Y)
Y Caller Alarm Y=On N=Off (Default to Y)
Rick Greer User Full Name
Lewisville, Tx. Calling From
214 221-7814 Home Phone
214 221-7814 Work/Data Phone
110 Security Level
1456 Total Times On
03/14/88 Last Date Called
7560 Seconds Remaining THIS call
126 Minutes Remaining THIS call
GR Graphics Mode GR=Graph, NG=Non-Graph, 7E=7,E Caller
23 Page Length
Y User Mode Y = Expert, N = Novice
1234567 Conferences/Forums Registered In (ABCDEFG)
7 Conference Exited To DOOR From (G)
01/01/99 User Expiration Date
1 User File's Record Number
Y Default Protocol X, C, Y, G, I, N, Etc.
0 Total Uploads
0 Total Downloads
0 Daily Download “K” Total
999999 Daily Download Max. “K” Limit

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