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Rob Swindell (digital man)

Synchronet BBS Software Author, Sysop of Vertrauen, Husband, Father, Programmer, Drummer

Rob beating his cans


  • First computer: Commodore VIC-201), 1980
  • First BBS experience: Delightful Dialer on an Apple II+2) connecting to mostly GBBS3), 1982
  • First Sysop experiences: Telix Host script, then WWIV on a 10MHz PC-XT clone, 1988
  • Alias was inspired by the Rush song of the same name from the Signals album of 1982
    • In-use on public Bulletin Board Systems by me since 1982
    • Lower-case spelling inspired by the DEC logo
  • Played drums on rock album (Weedpuller) for sale on Amazon, CD baby, iTunes, also streaming on Spotify

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Favorite Bands

Neil Peart and I at least have *something* in common

1) Christmas gift from Dad
2) Mike's computer
3) e.g. The Beast's Domain

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