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 ====== FidoNet ====== ====== FidoNet ======
-TODO+[[WP>​FidoNet]],​ and FidoNet Technology Networks (FTN), are international amateur networks of computer systems. They often operate a public access BBS and all are connected via modem and/or via the Internet as well. [[wp>​FidoNet]]((a.k.a. Fidonet)) remains today an active worldwide BBS message and file distribution network.
 +===== FidoNet Technology =====
 +FidoNet networking technology is mostly described in proposals and adopted standards by the [[http://​​|FidoNet Technical Standards Committee]].
 +FidoNet networking technology is used for many other BBS networks (unrelated to the mainstream FidoNet), often referred to as FidoNet Technology Networks (FTN) or "​othernets"​.
 +===== See Also =====
 +  * [[http://​​nodelist/​|FidoNet Nodelist Archive]]
 +  * [[http://​​|International Echolist]] [[http://​​echolist/​|Archive]]
 +  * [[http://​​]] (quite stale as of 2010)
 +  * [[util:​SCFG:​]]
 +  * [[:​resource:​fidonet_mailer|FidoNet Mailer Programs]]
 +  * [[:​howto:​binkd|Use BinkD]]
 +  * [[:​howto:​fidonet|Join FidoNet]]
 +  * [[usenet|Networks]]

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