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-====== ​Umonitor ​====== +====== ​UNIX Monitor (UNIX and Windows) ​====== 
 +UNIX Monitor is a [[UIFC]] application for controlling and monitoring the Synchronet terminal server with built-in chat, user editor, configuration,​ and other conveniences for the Synchronet sysop. ​ Originally designed for UNIX systems only, it also runs with reduced functionality on Windows. 
 +{{:​monitor:​umonitor.png|UNIX Monitor screen shot}} 
 +===== Executable ===== 
 +UNIX Monitor is a native executable program. 
 +The executable file is: ''​[[dir:​exec]]/​umonitor''​ 
 +===== Configuration ===== 
 +UNIX Monitor may be used to enable/​disable and configure the various [[:​server:​|Synchronet Servers]] with UIFC dialogs, launch the [[util:​SCFG]] utility with the System Options->​Run SCFG menu option: 
 +{{:​monitor:​umonitor_configure.png|UNIX Monitor configure option}} 
 +And edit the various [[:​config:​text files]], [[:​config:​INI files]], [[:​config:​CFG files]], and [[:​config:​filter files]] used by Synchronet. 
 ===== See Also ===== ===== See Also =====
   * [[:​monitor:​|Monitoring]]   * [[:​monitor:​|Monitoring]]

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