Synchronet v3.19b-Win32 (install) has been released (Jan-2022).

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Synchronet supports multiple “log levels”. You can configure these as a “least important I want to see” type setting from the INI file or from sbbsctrl.

The levens are as follows:

Name Description Examples Corrective action required
LOG_EMERG System is Unstable (Not used in current code)
LOG_ALERT action must be taken immediately (Not used in current code)
LOG_CRIT Critical condtions (Not used in current code)
LOG_ERR “error conditions” Out of memory, file permission error, no such directory, corrupted message base etc. The sysop is expected to need to take some action to restore functionality. If the action is not obvious, they should ask for help.
LOG_WARNING warning conditions Unepected socket state, unable to create directory, failed password attempts, service disabled in INI file, etc. Sysop should read the warning and may or may not take action. The system is expected to be functional aside from the connection the warning is logged on.
LOG_NOTICE normal but significant condition Block IP address detected, too many mail recipients on an E-mail, File deleted or renamed, directory created, terminal connection terminated abnormally, ignored service is configured, etc No action is expected. This is normal behaviour, but something the Sysop should be able to find out about
LOG_INFO informational Unknown user, file transferred, user connected, system started, etc. No action expected. Status update style messages
LOG_DEBUG debug-level messages Send data to user, set up a JavaScript context, Various verbose messages. No action expected. Should be of interest to developers only. May be useful for reporting a bug.

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